Joshua Island

Postdoc, UCSB, 2019
PhD in Physics, Delft University of Technology, 2016
MSc in Physics, Concordia University, 2011
BSc in Physics and Mathematics, UNM, 2008
BSc in Computer Science, College of Santa Fe, 2004

Graduate Students

Randy Sterbentz

On-chip THz spectroscopy. MSc in Physics, UNLV, 2021. BSc in Physics, Cal Poly, 2018.

Kayla Cerminara

Synthetic topological phases. MSc in Physics, UNLV, 2022. BSc in Physics, UNLV, 2020.

Timothy Chung

Quantum transduction. BA in Physics, Occidental College, 2017

George Foskaris

2D materials at high pressure, see also Salamat Lab. BSc in Physics, UNLV, 2020

Kristine Haley

Exotic particles in van der Waals heterostructures. BSc in Physics, UNLV, 2021

Justin Alvarez

Sensitive capacitance measurements. BSc in Physics, UNLV, 2022.

Research Assistants

Jeffrey Cloninger

Cold source transistors. BSc in Physics, UNLV, 2020

Undergraduate Students

Anayeli Flores-Garibay

McNair SRI

Vergil Schreiber

UROP research scholarship

Leo Phouksouvath

Summer intern from Vassar College

Group Alumni

Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students

Daisy Lopez

BSc in Physics, UNLV, 2021

Zachary Thelen

Raine Harris

UROP research scholarship, OUR stimulus program. BSc in Physics, UNLV, 2021.

Jessica Farnsworth

UROP research scholarship. BSc in Physics, UNLV, 2021.

Markiece Givens

OUR stimulus program

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